Hello world!

I have been a chef for a number of years, doing my apprenticeship in Niagara on the Lake and traveling to England to cook at some of the countries top restaurants.  From the kitchen I then transitioned into a food sales role where I started working with and dealing with chefs and the food industry on a completely different level.  Food sales gave me a new understanding for our food and finding a need to the want of the ever demanding chef.  And to think that I was one of those demanding individuals……….  From food sales I then moved into a food procurement role where I managed inventory.  This role taught me a lot about the actual scale of the food industry and the inner workings on how a box of what ever gets from the farm through the supply chain and eventually ends up on a plate in a restaurant.  Finally to my current role of a Food Service Advisor!  In this role I help restaurant owners and chefs with many aspects of their business.  Some of these topics include menu engineering & design, recipe development, food costing and front and back of the house training.

I have started this blog with the intent of posting recipes that we help to develop for the variety of restaurants that we visit.  From time to time you may see some personal rants on food and industry news, but I will try to keep it to the dishes and hopefully some great photography to accompany those dishes.  Although I am a chef at heart, I am still learning about photography and how to interact with food on that level.

Looking forward to sharing and learning as I start this new venture!


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